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diving into lisp and sicp

by the head sorceress on september 5th 2020 at 18:37 EST

ok so hi again! hope you all are doing well. i noticed this site has like 90 views at this point so i know for sure someones out there at least.

so first of all some website updates. i made a logo and favicon for this site, yeah theyre garbo but hey i havent done this in forever cut me some slack. also i made a 404 page so i hope you like it.

in addition my laptop is falling apart and im getting a bit sus of the duct tapes ability to keep it together so i might have to end up swapping out to my backup one if that doesnt work. guess thats what i get for buying dell lol.

anyways now onto the main topic (and a big reason i started this blog): im succombing to the memes and im gonna try to read sicp. now i'm gonna assume y'all know what sicp is, if you dont well theres always wikipedia. so first off sicp uses scheme, now there is a later lamer version that uses javascript but js is ew so nah fam. im having trouble finding a good ide and stuff for scheme. drracket is supposed to be good and despite being primarily racket (a modern dialect of scheme), it does support a compatibility mode to support r5rs scheme which is i think what sicp uses. i know for sure mit/gnu scheme works for it, and in fact is whats reccomended, but like idk. its a bit TOO old for my tastes. then again i guess if i do anything else its not the correct way. actually doing it on anything but a period correct terminal connected to some kinda unix workstation or minicomputer or something is incorrect itself. idk im just rambling lol. anyways so yeah im probably just gonna try to use drracket if im gonna be honest. and if that doesnt work then i guess its time to break out mit scheme. cool so now the next problem. i dont know the first thing about lisp. like im kinda a ultra mega noob when it comes to programming. i'm pretty competent when it comes to administration but when it comes to programming like, im baby. i know a little bit of js, the tiniest bit of c, somewhat competent in python but like not really, and like thats it. so lisp is super foreign to me. but i guess im gonna have to learn it, who knows maybe ill be a better programmer because of it. im thinking first trying to read the little schemer or something to familiarize myself with lisp a lil more before going into sicp but tbh i think i might just thrust myself into it.

so yeah

i guess im gonna go do that