welcome to magical computing!

aka macom, by the head sorceress, september 5th 2020 at 00:05 EST

this is my potentially extremely stupid blog im making because i need somewhere to catalog all my weird projects and stuff and microblogging scares me. so i guess its about time to dust off my html/css chops and make a simple site to do just that. because fuck big frameworks i aint maintainin a wordpress site fuck no.

so i guess this neocities will do. i have realized as soon as i started on this site how much my css abilities have deteriorated since i last wrote css. which was uhh, a while ago. no matter, i think id like to keep this site minimal anyways. nice, clean, organized, and readable. anyways yeah also i couldnt sleep tonight so theres that. i was busy trying to work on a music mashup thing but then i realized i have like negative amounts of music ability so i decided to work on a website instead. and now we're here. how amazing.

anyways thats about all for tonight, im prob gonna try to sleep a bit. gn to the few who will ever see this.